Article 1 – Objective

1.1. The FOOD LOSS CHALLENGE 2022 aims to identify startups that are users of disruptive technologies with global impact in categories of interest in various verticals of the chain of loss prevention related to food waste in the field aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.

It is a competition led by BAYER LIFE HUB and organized by FOODTECH HUB LATAM, which involves startups from Brazil, Latin America, and globally. The partners of this challenge MAPA, IICA, COPLACANA and FAO.


1.2. Pre-qualification will be done with startups that apply for the FOOD LOSS CHALLENGE through the website by filling out the form indicated.


1.3. For FOOD LOSS CHALLENGE 2022, we divide the initiatives and solutions of startups into two major categories

Solutions within the field

Digital technology: Digital technology, e-commerce platforms, Robots, automation in the field, intelligent machines and sensors, data, artificial intelligence.

Regenerative Agriculture: Reduction in water consumption, bio-fertilizers, energy consumption reduction, pest control, climate, and predictive tools for crop management.

Transport and storage: Intelligent packaging transport more effectively. Post-harvest protection systems.


Off-field Solutions

Reduction of Food Waste: in the Biomass Utilization Chain, Improvement of technological processes in the industry.

Digital: IoT solutions for Transportation, Loss Reduction Solutions in Restaurants, Data for Consumer Awareness.

Packaging: Smart packaging, shelf-life increase.


1.4. For FOOD LOSS CHALLENGE 2022, we want to identify solutions for all relevant cultures in Brazil.


Article 2 – Requirements for startups to participate in the application

2.1. Startups focusing on innovation in the categories defined in Article 1, item 1.3 can participate in the selection.


2.2. Operational startups with customers who have received some revenue considering the fiscal year 2021.


2.3. Startups of the regions: Brazil, Latin America, and global.


2.4. Startups that are providers of disruptive technology solutions in and out of the field for the year 2022, as per Article 1, item 1.3.


2.5. Entrepreneurs with a drive for innovation and the development of technologies for agribusiness.


2.6. Motivated management bodies and entrepreneurs present during the investment.


Article 3 – Registration 

3.1. All startups that apply for the FOOD LOSS CHALLENGE will be empowered to participate if the conditions of the article are fulfilled.


3.2. Registration must be made through the website

Article 4 – Information that will be requested on the registration

4.1 To register, the candidate must fill out a FORM GOOGLE FORM – available on the website, providing the information necessary for evaluating the company, project, or business of the company, which meets the criteria of innovation and technology referenced in Article 2. The registration form includes information such as the Name of the entrepreneur; E-mail; Company Name; CNPJ; City/State; Website; Year of the foundation of the startup; Area of operation of the company; Products and Services offered; Description of the business innovation indicating the competitive differential about competitors; Revenue of the last 12 months; Profile of partners and leading executives (mini-CV); Number of employees.


4.2 It is requested that the information be filled in clearly and with sufficient detail so that the evaluators can understand the company’s value proposition, its products and services, the technology employed, competitive differentials, team training, and other information requested in the form. 


Article 5 – The selection of companies 

5.1. Companies that, from the assessment of the information provided by the company, have the most disruptive technology and meet a global solution within the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) will be selected. The criteria and methodology of evaluation and selection are at the sole discretion of the Challenge organizers. In an ideal way, among the possible measures that will be considered: are competitive differentials of products and services, technological differential, solving a global problem or a potential market value chain, potential for growth of the company, scalability of the business, and social and environmental impacts, among others.


5.2. The selection will consist of 5 steps:

Step I – Registration: Access the website Two calls will be made.

Step II Qualification of Registered Startups: In this stage, the challenge organizers will evaluate the startups and select a set of startups that will proceed to step III.

Step III – Selection of Finalists: The Examining Committee may request new information from qualified startups for a complimentary analysis. Qualified startups will be invited, if necessary, to make a detailed presentation of their business. They may contain details of some requirements already previously informed, new information on other aspects identified by the organizers, or a presentation video of the company recorded by the entrepreneurs.

Step IV – Disclosure of Selected Finalists: Startups selected for the final will be widely announced on 30/09/2022.

 Step V – Pitch final On 06/10/2022, during the event WORLD FOOD DAY, each finalist startup will present its business for evaluation and selection banking, composed of members of agroindustry, venture capital, research institutes and government universities, and independent members of the supporters. Each startup will have 7 minutes of presentation + 3 Q&A with the judges.


5.3. The timetable of the steps is presented in Article 9 of this regulation.


5.4. Partners are not obliged to make any funds commitment to participating startups.


5.5. Participating startups do not undertake or undertake to enter investment contracts or any other commitments other than to participate in the evaluation processes of this Challenge.


Article 6 – Participation costs

6.1. participation in the FOOD LOSS CHALLENGE 2022 will be approved by registering on at no cost.


6.2. Any costs that the participating startup may have with advice for business development, travel, technologies, or any other expenses will be the responsibility of the participating startup. However, the support from the organizers with mentoring will have no cost for the startups.

6.3. The costs of preparing material, video, and others are the sole responsibility of the startup candidate.


6.4. Any expenses that participants have during the program will not be reimbursed by the organizers, partners, or sponsors.


Article 7 – Confidentiality

7.1. All information received throughout the process will be considered confidential and used only within the necessary execution of the FOOD LOSS CHALLENGE 2022.


7.2. All applicants are responsible for the integrity of the information provided and are subject to legal penalties if they present false information. 


7.3. No participant will be obliged to assign any information that he deems confidential or not pertinent to their project. 


Article 8 – Image Rights 

The candidates agree to be available for the relationship with the media and communication channels, in ceding interviews and reports that may be requested, to disclose their participation in this Challenge.


Article 9 – Timetable

The schedule of the steps of FOOD LOSS CHALLENGE 2022 is presented in the table below and may change dates and stages at the sole discretion of the organizers of the event. When dates change, the schedule will be updated on the website:


I – Registration begins: First call: June 22, 2022 – Second Call: August 17, 2022 – Final: 06 October 2022.

II – Qualification of Startups registered: Startups qualified by the evaluation committee will be known on September 15, 2022.

III – Selection of Finalists: Start the schedule for the presentations -on September 19, 2022.

IV – Deadline for Scheduling Presentations: September 23, 2022.

V – Disclosure of Selected Finalists: Selected startups will be informed by September 30, 2022.

VI – Pitch of the finalists: The selected startups will have the opportunity to present their companies to the jury on October 6, 2022.


Article 10 – Adhering to the terms of these Regulations

The participating companies, through their legal guardians and those responsible for registering this Challenge, recognize this Regulation and agree to its terms by submitting the registration form for this Challenge.


Article 11 – Questions and contact 

All contact, questions, or clarifications must be made by the form available on the website or e-mail or WhatsApp +55 19 97106-1568.